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We are doing our best to ensure that your training, classroom seminar materials are the very best they can possibly be. This we can control, and we work hard to make sure we exceed your expectations. A little preparation can really help ensure that you maximize the benefits of your training experience. Knowing exactly what to expect will make all our lives easier:


Q: I'm interested in a course. Who can I speak to for more information?

A: You may find more details on each course dedicated webpage. Alternatively you may contact our Client Service Department via phone at +44 203 445 5766 or e-mail at institute@lloydmaritime.com

Q: How do I register / enroll for a Training Course?
A: To register / enroll you may:

  • Visit the course webpage and apply online through the online registration form
  • Complete the Registration form available at the home page of Lloyd’s Maritime Institute website and either email of fax it back to the details provided on the form
  • Contact our Client Service Department who will assist in your application

Q: How can I get the Prepayment Discount ?
A: You may state the Prepayment discount in the registration form and pay BEFORE the special offer discount deadline. In case you miss the deadline for any reason do contact our Client Service Department !

Q: How can I pay?
A: An invoice will be issued by our Client Service Departmentthat that expected to be settled before the invoice due date, free of bank charges. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union. Please check with our Client Service Department for full details.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my booking?
A: for online courses, cancellation after the acknowledgement of the course handbook and enrollment certificate is not fundable. A substitute participant is always welcome at no extra charge prior to the course commencement. Alternatively you may reschedule your course booking for a future course in line with the Course Calendar.



Q: What is the Registration Process for a CLASSOOM Seminar ?

A: You are expected to arrive at the Training Venue (Lloyd's Maritime Institute or other venue stated in your registration) within 10 - 30 minutes PRIOR course commencement. On your arrival you should follow the registration process and submit to the registration desk a color photo (passport size) to be printed on your Training Certificate.

Q. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A : YES! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We're so sure that our classroom seminars offer the best Face to Face live training anywhere, for any price that if you're dissatisfied for any reason simply say so at the end of the course and make sure that our Client Service Department is aware of your statement. No fees will be required , simple and clear !

Q. Do you offer WI FI access on the Training Facility ?

A. Yes we do, you may request user name and password from the Registration desk.

Q. What Kind of Access do I Have to the Instructors?

A. You've got great access! Our instructors are available during breaks, lunch, and after the seminar to answer any questions you may have, or provide additional feedback.



Q: What are the benefits of IN House / Onboard Training

A: In-house training allows you to define the programme that precisely matches your needs. You may tailor:

    • A Minimum Audience of SIX (6) Persons to attend the course (less persons attending may not be a cost effective solution)
    • Client is expected to provide Training Facility properly equipped, administer and handle trainees accordingly.

    Lloyd's Maritime Institute is expected to provide Qualified Trainer(s), Training Material and Certification for Trainees for the delivery of Training



    Q: What happens when my online course / Distance Learning course commences?

    A: You will be sent full access details to the course website and a course handbook / welcome pack on the day that your course is scheduled to start. Access to course materials prior to this date is not possible.

    Q: I've already enrolled on a distance learning course. Who can I speak to about my course?
    A: You may find more details on each course dedicated webpage. Alternatively you may contact our Client Service Department via phone at +212 (0)5 24 62 39 62 // +41 22 519 2735 or e-mail at institute@lloydsmaritimes.com



    Q : In case I choose the PPT & PDF version of the material what am I supposed to get ?

    A. You will be provided with :

    • ALL Course presentations in Fully Editable PowerPoint (PPT) format
    • ALL Course presentations in PDF Format
    • All PDFs of the course (Normally may be provided to those attending an Open Seminar in USB Stick at the end of the course)
    • Course Case Studies
    • Course Examination Set (normally to be filled in by the participants attending an Open Seminar)
    • Course De Briefing Material (normally presented to those attending an Open Seminar at the end of the course after the completion of the examination test)

    Normally in case you select the above option you will have ALL the necessary material to carry out the course your self !



    Q : Are Lloyd's Maritime Institute Certificates Recognised ?

    A. Our Certification Scheme is supported by a Quality Management System Certified to the highest standards globally, certified by NAMS. As a result our certificates are recognized globally.

    Q : What is the validity of an Lloyd's Maritime Institute certificate ?

    A. Our Certificates have a five (5) year validity from the date of issue.

    Q : What is the certificate Authentication Process ?

    A. Certificate Authentication facility is a new feature available on the website. By entering key data of your certificate you may be able to

    • Verify that such a certificate exists in our data base
    • Your certificate is Authenticated
    • Print an Authentication certificate
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